SSD Marathon/SSD11 Filming/Simply Captivating Update

Hello POstables!

In case you haven’t heard, Signed Sealed Delivered will be playing for 18 hours straight on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on Friday, July 9th starting at 6am/5c! Beginning with Truth Be Told, the last 9 installments of our favorite show will be aired in order, wrapping up with To The Altar at 10pm/9c. Join in the fun as we watch and tweet all day long with the #POstables! If you aren’t on Twitter but have Facebook, be sure to join the POstables Hallmark’s Signed Sealed Delivered Fan Group and the POstables Unscripted Group! In any case, be sure to tune in to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries to show your support for Signed, Sealed, Delivered! Happy viewing! 📺

The marathon is super exciting, but even bigger news is that SSD11 will begin filming in just a few short weeks! For more information and updates on the upcoming production that we’ve all been anticipating for quite some time, please check out the official SSD blog here: We can’t wait for the scoops to start coming in! 🎥

I’m not sure about you, but for me, it feels like Christmas in July!! 🎄💌📫

On a side note: Many have asked about the continuation of #SimplyCaptivating. I have been writing some, but unfortunately, life has just not allowed me to make writing a priority during the last few months. However, I can assure you that I still have LOTS of ideas for this story that are just waiting to be put into words! I am eager to finish this fanfic before #SSD11 premieres and hope to post the next chapter(s) soon. As always, thank you for your support and patience! 📝🥰

Enjoy the marathon and be on the lookout for bits of news as our favorite gang FINALLY gets back together! 😎



Happy Valentine’s Day, POstables!! ❤️

Just dropping a quick note to say that we hope you have a fabulous day with loved ones!

We’re still anxiously awaiting news on more Signed, Sealed, Delivered productions. When we know more, we’ll share! Until we get official word on our beloved show, enjoy SSD rewatches and fan fiction rereads! For today, here’s a short one-shot from a couple of years ago:

If you’re waiting for more of Simply Captivating, please know that I have every intention of finishing the story when time (and life) allows. Thank you for your patience and support!

Love to you all!! ❤️